Accelerated Autumn: Origin Journey for the first time as an express server

Rail Nation – Origin Journey is returning to the tracks!

This time, as an express server due to popular demand from the many express fans among you. You are now finally able to experience the event scenario on the map of Germany, Austria and Switzerland at twice the speed!

Run the economy of the three countries at the heart of Europe and establish your railway empire.

Enjoy the familiar gameplay on the alternative map, transporting regional goods like Swiss watches, German beer and Austrian cakes.

And speaking of special features…


Each player who registers for this round of Rail Nation – Origin Journey in the first era will receive a very special train as an exclusive gift:

the Alstom Coradia iLint production series will be unlocked for free! This train is not only the world’s first hydrogen-powered engine, but also travels exclusively in Germany and was developed in cooperation with the German Aerospace Centre. 

What’s more: from the second day of the first era, each player will also receive additional login bonuses such as vouchers and lottery tickets, which will enable everyone to start this event server at high speed!


If you missed the first round of Rail Nation – Origin Journey, you can find the details from that initial round HERE, allowing you to quickly climb aboard and experience this express scenario that combines the familiar Classic gameplay with a new look.


This time, the following servers will be launched for Rail Nation – Origin Journey:


We’re looking forward to running the rails at full speed with you!


Your Rail Nation Team